Digital picture story: Disaster prevention. Face the coming earthquake
Prepare ourselves for earthquakes.
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1. First, put out the fire 26. The radio is greatly relied on during earthquakes
2. The emergency kit 27. The amazing works of volunteers
3. How to contact your family 28. The radio is for emergency
4. Block walls can be dangerous 29. Fasten the furniture
5. Check the evacuation center 30. Prepare the emergency kit in several places
6. Radio is the best 31. Keep contact with your neighbors
7. Fill the bath tub with water 32. Block walls are dangerous
8. Fasten the furniture 33. Buried under the furniture
9. Earthquake warning (Announcement) 34. Prepare medicines that you usually use
10. Always have medicines ready 35. Use the radio in daily life
11. Check where the playground is 36. Do you know how to use an extinguisher?
12. First aid treatment 37. What about a radio for a birthday present?
13. Experience an earthquake 38. Prepare water and food that would last you 3 days
14. Don't let your children sleep in front of the closet 39. Keep an emergency kit in your car
15. The escape ladder 40. For your identification, keep your driver's license with you at all times.
16. Be careful of tsunami(1) 41. Bottle the water in case the water gets cut off
17. Make an evacuation corner at home 42. With the help of taxis and barber shops
18. Check the emergency exit and the escape route 43. Keep spare glasses and dentures
19. You could be the leader 44. 83.7% of the casualties died of suffocation or were crushed
20. Prepare food and water to last you 3 days 45. The water will only be 2 kilometers away
21. Earthquake prediction is limited 46. Portable toilets should be in your emergency kit
22. Take your radio on an outing 47. People living in on an active fault should secure their homes
23. Elderly people 48. "Red Page": the disaster prevention information in the telephone directory
24. The magnitude and the earthquake 49. May 26th 2003 the earthquake in Tohoku district Radios were greatly relied on during the blackout
25. Do you know what EWS is? 50. A person who experienced the Miyagi earthquake looks back: "You can get information with the radio, even during a blackout."

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