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Indonesia : Earthquake
【Date and Time】 May 27th 2006, 5:54 AM Local time (7:54 AM JAPAN Standard Time)
【Magnitude】 6.3
【Seismic Center】 Yogyakarta, 275 miles east of Jakarta, Indonesia (at latitude 8°S, longitude 110°E.)
【Depth】 35Km

The West off Fukuoka prefecture earthquake
【Date and Time】 March 20th 2005, 10:35
【Magnitude】 7.0
【Seismic Center】 Off the Westward offshore, Fukuoka prefecture (at latitude 33.7°N, longitude 130.2°E.)
【Depth】 9Km
【Extent of damage】
Fatalities 1 person
Injuries 1.087 people
Completely destroyed buildings 133
Half destroyed buildings 244

The Niigata prefecture earthquake in 2004
【Date and Time】 October 23rd 2004, 17:56
【Magnitude】 6.8.  Maximum seismic intensity 7 (Kawaguchi-machi)
【Seismic Center】 The Chuetsu region of Niigata prefecture
【Depth】 13km
【Extent of damage】
Fatalities 59 people  
Injuries 4,795 people  
Completely destroyed buildings 3,175    
Half destroyed buildings 11.609    
  (From a press material released by Niigata prefecture)
【Pictures of the damage】 ̄fire.joe/

The Pakistani earthquake
【Date and Time】 October 8th 2005, 08:50 Pakistan standard time (12:50 Japan standard time)
【Magnitude】 7.6
【Seismic Center】 100Km north-northeast from Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan (Kashmir, a long-disputed Indian-Pakistani border) at latitude 34°N 25’22,” longitude 73°E 32’13.”
【Depth】 10km
【Extent of damage】
Human suffering Over 70 thousand people
Injuries Over 80 thousand people
  (From a material released by the Foreign Ministry)

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