Digital picture story: Disaster prevention. Face the coming earthquake
What to do during an earthquake.
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1. Open the door 28. Keep away from vending machines
2. Pull the car over to the side of the road 29. The fire moves at a speed of 100 meters per hour. It is safer to walk.
3. The underground mall 30. Turn off the breaker
4. Earthquake warning (Packing tapes) 31. The disaster reporting by the Nippon Broadcasting System
5. It's safer inside the building 32. Never use the fan for gas leaks
6. Don't use elevators 33. Close the main gas valve
7. Beware of gas leaks 34. Tell you are safe, with a relay of phone calls
8. It is safer upstairs 35. The danger underground is panic
9. Pets 36. The gas stations were OK
10. The speed of a fire is 100 meters per hour 37. How to save people under the closet
11. Gas stations are safe 38. A tsunami comes without warning
12. Skyscrapers 39. A tsunami is as fast as a bullet-train
13. Beware of false rumors 40. Beware of landslides
14. Don't rush outside 41. Don't use the phone unless it's an emergency
15. The danger in the subway is panic 42. It is easier to call by the public telephone
16. Try not to use the phone 43. If the fire reaches the ceiling, run away
17. Turn off the main gas valve when you evacuate 44. Kitchen wraps and plastic garbage bags are useful
18. Beware of tsunami(2) 45. Handy things
19. Calls can only be made through public telephones 46. The roads buckle with the earthquake
20. Wear shoes with thick soles 47. The emergency messaging service
21. The roads will buckle in an intensity of 5 or over (on the Japanese scale) 48. The public telephone will become free of charge in times of disaster
22. Excess media reports 49. The system to know your family's safety
23. Don't use your car 50. Share the information of your lifeline with the radio stations in Tokyo
24. Prepare slippers with thick soles at the foot of your bed 51. Taxi reporting system for disaster prevention
25. Call around in a loud voice 52. A person who experienced the Miyagi earthquake looks back: "The batteries were great in using the radio"
26. Bucket brigades prevent the fire from spreading 53. A person who experienced the Miyagi earthquake looks back: "You can't make a phone call with the mobile phone"
27. Fire engines will not come    

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