Digital picture story: Disaster prevention. Face the coming earthquake
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Digital Picture Story to Prevent disasters Face the coming earthquake
This education material is funded by the Children's Dream Fund, a program of the National Olympics Memorial Youth Center.
In view of the recent earthquakes and resulting tsunamis and fires, the contents of this website have been made to educate the children about self-help efforts, so that they will be able to take disaster prevention measures upon correct understanding and avoid fatal dangers, should such danger take place.
This material also aims to cultivate children’s courage by preparing them for disasters, and to nourish the spirit of cooperation and kindness towards neighbors.
Children will access this website, and develop knowledge for disasater prevention, send messages to earthquake victims, or recount stories of their own earthquake experience. Thus the communication will be bidirectional.
If users sadly become victims of an earthquake, they will be able to post information of their safety, or transmit requests for relief via this website.
The contents of this material is based on “Bosai Hitokuchi Memo (Disaster Prevention One-Point Memo)” that has been broadcast for the past 10 years by Nippon Broadcasting System, ever since the occurrence of the Great Hanshin Earthquake.
There is also an English version of this website, to share the knowledge in earthquake-prone Japan with the children living across the world.
We would be very happy if this material could be used in schools and disaster prevention education.
Finally, we hope that this website would contribute to the safety of as many children as possible, and help them face earthquakes without panic.
1.  Production and direction by :SOUNDMAN INC
  Studio Alloe
2. Production cooperation by: Nippon Broadcasting System
  Graduate School of the University of Tokyo
Uchiyama’s Office, Joshibi University of Art and Design
Miyuki Ishikawa (Narrator)
Miwa Gardner (Narrator)
Eriko Sakurai (Translation)
Nousite Inc.
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